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Car Battery For Beginners

November 18, 2016 erix 0

The car battery is what powers all the electrical components of the car. It is typically a rechargeable 12 volt lead-acid battery that powers the […]

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Types of Automotive Lifts

November 13, 2016 erix 0

Here are the different types, available from garage equipment supply dealers: In-Ground This type of vehicle lift is assembled below the garage floor. It consists […]

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Advantages of Chrome Plating

November 9, 2016 erix 0

Chrome’s unique advantages make it one of the most popular metallic finishes available in several industries. The biggest consumer of chrome is the automotive industry, […]

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Auto Shop Safety

November 8, 2016 erix 0

In today’s auto shop there are many potential hazards to the fragile human body. In order to have a safe and productive work environment, there […]

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Benefits And Uses Of Silicon

November 4, 2016 erix 0

Silicon (chemical symbol Si) is the main elementary component of the earth's crust after Oxygen. Si i s universally acknowledged as the symbol for Silicon; […]

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