5 Reasons You Suffer From Depression

I discovered the top 5 reasons you can suffer from depression after going through the medical journals trying to find answers in my own struggle. Anti-depressants only made my life worse and I wasn’t about to give up. So, like the researcher I am, I took it upon myself to find the truth. Here are the top 5 reasons you may suffer from depression. These are the most common causes of depression and knowing about these 5 things will perhaps give you insight into which path to take to beat it!

Here they are based on medical research…

1. Food Allergy – After speaking with Dr. Gregg Jantz who operates a depression recovery center in the USA, he has known many of his patients to discover that they suffer from food allergies which cause their depression. After discovering this and eliminating or cutting down on those foods, their depression immediately lifted!

2. Life Crisis -Suffering loss, crisis or abuse brings on emotional turmoil. If this emotional turmoil is not properly worked through, that pain, grief, anger and bitterness can well up and cause depression. This is why proper therapy is key in dealing with emotional pain causing depression. For this kind of depression, anti-depressants are merely a stepping stone and should never be long term. Long term use of anti-depressants for emotional depression only prevents you from ever getting the help you need. Instead you are missing out on life and financially contributing to the pharmaceutical industry.

3. Poor Food Choices and Lack of Exercise – You’ve heard it before, “You are what you eat!” That is still true today. Your body is an amazing living thing that requires only the best food and drink to run smoothly. You wouldn’t put dirty oil or gas in a Lamborghini yet we destroy our bodies, minds and over all health with the food we eat. Along with that, we have become a stationary society with all kinds of labor saving devices. Yet, good physical work and play is necessary for a healthy life! Take good food and good exercise away and depression can easily set in.

4. Lack of Purpose – If you wake up every morning with no purpose, sooner or later you question the point of life. Discovering your purpose frees you to soar and you soon discover gifts and skills that you hold that can impact your world! In turn, impacting the world around you gets your mind off your self and you are blessed in return. Purposeful living brings much joy!

5. Emotional Abuse – If you are constantly surrounded by negativity and people telling you that you don’t amount to much, you get stuck and start believing those lies. You can easily begin to suffer from depression. Worse, your voice becomes stronger at beating yourself up than those around you. When you start to emotionally abuse yourself, you become your own worst enemy. Depression becomes your constant companion.

There is hope! You are worth it!

Discovering these 5 reasons for suffering from depression can be a huge turning point in your life. If you know which one or ones are causing your depression, your recovery is one step closer! Choose life and begin to seek out what is causing your depression.

Source by Merri Ellen Giesbrecht

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