Best And Worst Colors For Your Car

The best and worst colors for your car are some things people may not think of when they purchase a new vehicle. I’m here to tell you that it can make a difference from being seen or not.

Think about it…

The color of your car can determine if other motorists see you or don’t. And, if they don’t see you, you may find yourself with a Mercedes Benz sticking out the side of your passenger’s door like a fork stuck in a pot roast.

Most people don’t think about the relationship between getting in an accident and the color of their car.

And, it’s also not true that red cars go faster.

According to a recent report by Monash University Accident Research Centre (MUARC), when comparing a white car with other colors that ranked lower on the visibility index like gray, blue, green, black and silver, the white car had fewer accidents.

I see it this way…

There should be three things you may want to consider when choosing a color for your next vehicle.

The first consideration would be visibility. I list this first because it is probably the most important factor in determining the best and worst colors for your car. How well do you want to be seen? This will determine your safety on the roadways. Personally, I want everyone to know that I am on the road. This is one time where I will put myself first and say it is all about me!

If this is the case, you would want to choose a bright color such as white, red or yellow. It’s hard to miss a shiny yellow pickup coming down the road, either day or night. Another good example is my friend Duane who has a bright yellow Honda 3-wheel trike; there is no one that misses him on that baby! In fact, more often than not, he gets honks and waves, whistles and lots of whoots and hollers! People notice us.

It’s been said that gray or silver blend in too closely to the pavement and this causes these cars plenty of accidents. Although it has been a very popular color, most don’t think about the color blending with the pavement so that other cars do not see you. People tend to like silver because it shows the lines of the vehicle the best.

Of-course, if someone has a little red sports car and a strong need for speed, there may be some people you do not want to notice you.

Here’s what I mean…

Another consideration could be classified as attract ability. If you own a bright yellow corvette and have a lead foot attached to the end of your right leg, you may not want to be noticed by the police.

I used to have a friend that was a policeman. He said that he never had any problems spotting bright sporty cars speeding down the road. He used to watch red, yellow and bright blue sports cars more closely.

And, along the same token, the man going through his mid-life crisis and wanted the attention of all the pretty girls as he cruises the streets with his red Porsche didn’t think about being a magnet to all the police cars driving down the roadways.

There are things to consider when choosing the best and worst colors for your car. It’s tempting to choose a color to match your personality, but you may want to rethink that and consider these other factors as well.

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