Fournales Suspension: Make the Right Choice When Buying Some New Shocks

If you own a Harley Davidson and the stock rear suspension has not been swapped for some new aftermarket shocks then you will most likely have noticed that they aren’t so great. More to the point, they are way below standard when it comes to performance! If you would like to improve the ride of your Harley then there are a number of options available on the market that you could potentially opt for but if you want superb quality and performance then you will want to take a look at Fournales Suspension. They aren’t the cheapest option but they are the best! Let me tell you why.

So how does Fournales Suspension work? Compared with regular aftermarket coil spring suspension, Fournales combine two separate fundamental factors. As expected they have a coiled spring but the added factor that the majority of suspension do not have is a special damper that is included in the shocks to limit the way in which the coiled spring actually moves. This certain design of suspension which Jean Pierre Fournales founded has been perfected since the 70’s when it first came about and has raised the bar when it comes to performance suspension.

The difference in performance compared with coiled spring suspension is that when the force applied to Fournales Suspension is high i.e. you ride over a heavy bump or are you are riding on terrain that is rougher than normal. Fournales shocks allow for slightly more travel in these situations giving greater comfort, which we all know is a good thing but it also means you have more control when riding your Harley. One other thing that can potentially happen with coiled spring shocks is that you may manage to bottom out if you hit a bump hard enough. If you have ever managed to do this whilst riding your Harley you will know that not only is it alarmingly uncomfortable but it can also affect your control whilst riding which is obviously dangerous. You mite think that because Fournales Suspension allow for more travel it means that you are at a higher risk of bottoming out. It is actually the complete opposite. It is virtually impossible to bottom out when using a set of Fournales shocks because the air inside means that the spring can take a much larger impact in their final bit of travel meaning you won’t have anymore ‘heart in your mouth’ moments if you ride over something nasty.

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