How to Get a Girl to Want You Sexually

Do you want to know how to get a girl to want you sexually? The answer might be simpler than what you think. Most guys have the misconception that they need to be good looking like Tom Cruise (or super rich like Bill Gates) in order to make a girl want them. Well, think about it – have you seen anyone who looked like a complete slob who managed to snag a beautiful woman? The thing is that if you know the specific tactics, techniques and methods, you WILL be able to seduce any woman you lay your eyes on. Read on to discover the tactics you can use to get a girl want you sexually…

“Push Her Away”. This might be counter-intuitive, but you will find that the more you push a girl away, the more she would want to be with you. Weird, but it’s true! This could be explained using simple psychology theory. You see, all of us want things that we cannot get. For example, you would appreciate your Porsche more if you worked all your life to get it (compared to someone who inherited it from his billionaire dad). Therefore, REJECT a woman and she would come crawling to you… guaranteed.

“Use Sexual Innuendos”. You can make a woman want you sexually if you plant dirty thoughts into her mind. You can do this using hypnotic sexual innuendos. One line you can use is, “I’ve got a friend who used to hit on women and asked them upfront if they liked oral sex. He’s really daring, don’t you think?” Emphasize the phrase “oral sex” and you’ll get her thinking dirty thoughts.

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