HS80m Report: Pros and Cons

HS80m, by Yamaha, passed every HS80m review and now I know why…

Yamaha HS80m Reference Studio Monitors offers a built-in, 2-way powered speaker system which ensures high quality reference monitoring for all types of producing and multimedia activities – Djing, Music Production, Computer Speakers, Home Entertainment, you name it!

The HS80m comes with an impressing 120-watt power(8-inch cone & 1-inch dome tweeter), stuffed in bass reflex-type cabinets that are famous for distorting high frequency response. Not surprisingly, Yamaha managed to deliver tight low end and smooth highs to beyond 20 kHz despite the bass reflex-type cabinet set-up.

Just in case you’re not satisfied with the stock setup (I doubt it will happen but…), HS80m comes with a complete frequency response switches for room control.

With the ultra-flat frequencies the Yamaha HS80m delivers, you can feel 99% confident that the mixes that sound good on these, will sound good anywhere.

If this is your first studio monitor, good for you. If its not, I understand. Although the HS80m offers just a bit more precise sound quality compared to other reference monitors like the MR8 they can get pretty pricey. But that’s the only con that I have for the HS80m.

Let’s take a look at a list of features Yamaha HS80M offers.

* 8″ white polypropylene cone
* 1″ dome tweeter
* 120-watt biamplified power LF:[email protected] HF:[email protected]
* XLR and ΒΌ” connectors
* Room control and frequency response switches

Overall, the HS80M Reference Studio Monitors gives you an honest reference for your mix with an exceptionally flat response, while delivering dynamic sounds.

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