Learn About the Features and Benefits of the Yamaha DD-65 Digital Drums

I was very excited when I first started to use the Yamaha DD-65, mainly because I’m not a drummer. Before I hooked it to the hi-hat, I had to put it on a desk, and kick the pedals and it begun right away. You can choose to use sticks or your hand to hit the large pads and the natural response that will be gained will compulsively make you want to continue playing.

The Yamaha DD-65 affords its owner that ability to practice and learn the drums with little amplification and this can be done with built-in speakers or headphones in a small space. However I am most fascinated by the MIDO controllers that are made possible when using the Yamaha DD-65 for the software drums. I am very eager begin playing the sample drums, instead of tapping or programming them on a trigger pad or a keyboard.

Yamaha DD-65 – digital drum module, portable and MIDI capable.

This is a digital drum that has been created from the point of view of a drummer, which makes it easy for drummers who rely on audio to play. The unit includes 2 foot pedal input, 8 touch-sensitive pads, auxiliary audio-input for audio devices such as MP3 players and ported speakers. The Yamaha DD-65 is MIDI compatible. In addition to this it has a Flash ROM which makes it easy to download songs of the net for drumming lessons and makes the Yamaha DD-65 an effective tool for learning.

A concise description of the Yamaha DD-65:

1. Designed for the acoustic drummer.

2. Multiple connection options available.

Acoustic drum design

Aimed at the acoustic drummer, the Yamaha DD-65 has a design that is instinctive and makes it very easy for drummers that are considered acoustic to play like professionals in a short period of time. While the layout can be described as fitting for new drummers, it is also good for drummers who want to make the transition into an acoustic kit.

Multiple connection options

There have been a number of great features pooled together in this portable device. You are able to connect your MP3 or iPod on the DD-65 and invent a personal drum design with an existing recording. In addition to this there is a USB-MIDI interface that has the ability to transmit these sounds to a computer for editing and recording.

An in depth listing of the features of the Yamaha DD-65 Digital Drum:

1. Auxiliary jack

2. Thirty two note polyphony

3. Stereo drum samples

4. Master and reverb EQ

5. 3 custom kits and 50 programmed kits

6. 254 GM voice assignment compatible with any pad

7. Headphone jack

8. 2 foot switches

9. MIDI connectivity

10. Stereo speakers that are built in

11. Has the ability to store 5 songs

12. 8 touch-sensitive pads

13. 100 built-in songs for playing and learning songs

This is a great set of digital drums to get started with in your next music group. Light weight and easy to transport, you will be making great sounds everywhere you go.

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