New Hero Honda Karizma Launch Soon

Hero Honda recently split from its technology partner company Honda but that has not stopped them from continuing upgrading their vehicles. In Pune, the new 2011 Karizma has been spotted and believe you me, you won’t be able to make out in the first glance. The bike looks like most other Hero Honda upgrades, almost similar to the older version.

Yes there are new features on the horizon such as new stickers, graphics and change of colours all around. The speedometer is now yellow and carriers the Karizma tag on it. Also the engine cowl is new and many features like clear lens indicators, colours are borrowed from its elder sibling the ZMR. There is no upgrade in the engine nor is there any revolutionary feature. Yes it does have new handlebars but clipons are still not there.

What you can expect is another of those HH upgrades with a slight price hike adding absolutely no real difference compared to the outgoing model. What Hero Honda should have really done was to upgrade the ZMA with ZMR clipon handle bars, given it a digital speedometer (even the Hunk has it now) and most importantly given the Karizma wider tyres. All these modifications would have really added value to the bike and then people would not have been like “Hey, the Karizma is still the one which was launched in May, 2003 with some new stickers.” Anyways the new Karizma if launched at the same price will be a good upgrade to an already excellent product from the Hero Group.

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