Real Estate Investors Take A Tip From Yamaha ATV Parts Dealers

Everyone is buzzing about Web 2.0 in the last 6 months. It is interesting to see this type of change occur in our changing economy. There is a wide range of change taking place in the way we experience new products, goods and brands. Thanks to Web 2.0 we can have other people serve as experts in their field and interact with us. This changes the way we view the world we all live in. It definitely changes the way we experience products and make decisions about buying services.

After the dot com era there was a distance with anything web related. A lot of people lost faith. A lot of investors lost faith in the webs appeal to reach people. But then something magical happened. Web 2.0 was created and now multiple people could interact with each other. Now thanks to this innovation the subject of brand building has suddenly grown up. Search engines have also grown up in the last 6 months. Real estate investors have taken notice of this and have plugged in. Many real estate professionals have taken charge of their own marketing and are putting their houses and properties on the first page of Google, Bing, and Yahoo. This has inspired other industries.

Since real estate professionals have made this look easy other industries have taken notice and following suit. Today it is not uncommon to see Yamaha dealerships place their ATV parts on the web for purchase. Kawasaki motorcycle parts dealers are also placing their catalog online. Honda ATV parts can be found online today as well as BMW parts and European auto parts. It’s nothing short of a revolution. There are rules when it comes to putting a brand online. You need to understand your market and how to position your web sites on the search engines.

I noticed that a lot of industries are looking at the guinea pigs – in this case, the real estate industry. If these early adaptors could make it work online then maybe Web 2.0 could work for many other industries. Thanks to these online marketers there are other markets who can jump online make it all work such as the Yamaha atv parts dealers. The parallels for these two markets are interesting. Real estate markets are tough. It is not unusual for a hot real estate market to have 124,000,000 competing pages. When other competitive industries such as Kawasaki and Yamaha see this type of dynamic online then they feel that it is safe to jump in the game. Soon many other industries will jump into the online game such as home remodeling, automotive dealerships and new product launches.

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