The History of the Honda VTR1000

The Honda VTR1000F Specifications.

Top Speed: 144 MPH

Power: 97BHP

Weight: 193Kg

Petrol Capacity: 19 litres

Petrol Consumption: 35MPG

Range of Petrol: 146 miles

The quality of the VTR1000F would range around 4/5 stars. It’s well built and sturdy body was highly acclaimed with the only downfalls being the cam chain tensioners, failing water pumps and corroding downpipes. Though, with the Honda VTR1000 Firestorm the experience can be trouble free as long as the owner ensures a good service clean every so often.

The Engine: The VTR1000F Firestorm was equipped with a 1000cc engine. Many bikers were very happy with the low to mid range roar the bike spat out during riding. The 1000cc engine provided an all around good ratio to many aspects of the biking experience.

The Handling: The VTR1000F has many complaints with the handling from forks driving to much all the way to the breaks stopping to suddenly as if every rider had a lead foot. Though, this was all changed in the year 2001 for the happiness of the consumer. The good news is that the VTR1000F was very stable at high speeds and it could easily manoeuvre through hills and trails.

The Improvements (2001-2005)

The biggest improvements came in 2001 which took the VTR1000F to the top of riders most respected motorcycles. A large improvement that won over bikers enthusiasm was the fact that the new petrol tank could hold between 16 and 19 liters. This helped to give bikers the confidence needed to be able to bike long distances or enjoy short but sweet trail rides. The VTR1000F is stylish sport bike that is prepared to take a tour when a biker so chooses.

Before 2001 the most hated feature of the Honda VTR1000F seemed to be the front forks. Many internal modifications to the front forks took place to improve both ride conditions and an improved stability while riding. Less steeply raked clip-on bars meant everywhere from the first ride to the last would be a smooth journey from the grocery store to a cross country trip.

A futuristic feature was added to the Honda VTR1000F such as the LCD display screen. The equipped display can read the petrol level, the temperature of the engine, double trip meters, an odometer and even a clock. Another top of the line standard that was added in 2001 was the Honda Ignition Security System (HISS). In America, the Honda VTR1000F never received the 16 liter petrol tank upgrade.

The Honda VTR1000F Closer

The Honda VTR1000F is styled with a sport bike appeal that fits perfect with its glossed paint job. The improvements that later came to this bike were much needed for both safety and customer satisfaction. The Honda VTR1000F lasted in bikers memory for just under a decade. Though, these can be spotted every once in awhile on the open road. If you are lucky enough to own the Honda VTR1000 Firestorm be sure to take special care of it for the next generation to gaze upon.

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