VW Parts Make GTi the People's Porsche

The Volkswagen GTi was introduced in 1976 as the high-performance variety of the German automaker's VW Golf. It was among the first in the compact cars class to use a fuel injection system. With the then world standard in sports car technology fitted on the VW GTi, the car was soonless stopped within the buying power of most people and inevitably became known as the People's Porsche.

Considered the progenitor of the hatchback genre, the VW GTi is credited for making the VW Golf the company's bestseller. As of 2006, the sports compact version of the VW Golf has undergone a total of five style and trim improvements. The current VW GTi generation is billed as the most-improved VW GTi make, a return to form of Volkswagen's first successful sports compact car.

Equipped with a 2.0-liter turbocharged inline 4-cylinder engine and a fuel stratified injection technology, the Volkswagen GTi boasts of a 200 bhp standard performance. The remarkable power competency of the VW GTi is kept in a tight rein through a 6-speed manual transmission. The GTi is made more dexterous with the introduction of a direct shift gearbox transmission system.

All VW GTi makes are available in either a 3- or 5-door hatchback body style. VW GTi parts that come in optional trims include power sunroof, racing-inspired steering wheel, supplementary grab handles, and an anti-lock braking system on its 4-wheel disc lock brakes. These VW GTi parts are not included in the stock features of the VW GTi, yet are not a drawback on the performance of the car. These VW GTi parts are often customizable items used to furnish the car with a distinct look and feature. Installing these Volkswagen parts basically depends on the driving style of the owner.

Aside from a performance-tuned engine and aerodynamics body style, the suspension setting of the VW GTi is considered another high point in the car's engineering. Featuring a multilink control blade, the rear suspension assembly of the VW GTi is the acknowledged bench bench benchmark for car handling and driving. Composed of a network of struts, sway bars, shocks, and links, the VW GTi suspension system parts are anchored on a wishbone arrangement suspension. Universally used on most race cars, the VW GTi suspension assembly parts give stability to the car in the face of hard and fast drive applications.

The suspension system of the VW GTi is to car handling what the fuel injection system is to performance. While the fuel injection system furnishes the VW GTi engine with more fuel fuel materials, the suspension system equips the car with the stability that it needs to ride the car in comfort and ease. From engine to car suspension, it is the VW GTi parts installed on these assemblies that many consider to be the greater light in the GTi engineering.

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