Yamaha DTXplorer – What You Might Not Know

The Yamaha DTXplorer is a great five piece electronic drum kit suitable for a beginner and versatile enough to be used in a live performance. It is a great choice for school musicians or someone that likes to play on a regular basis. Drummers from all over the world have given high musical marks for the supreme sounds and quality of the TXplorer.

The DTXplorer includes rubber pads that are high impact allowing the player to get the feel of acoustic drums including the rebound of the sticks. One thing that is interesting about this electronic kit over a regular acoustic set is that you can set it to play 214 sounds with only five pieces of equipment. Some are even keyboard sounds.

There are songs preset into the system and there are styles that are preset as well. If you want to play jazz you just touch a button and get that jazz sound. Just as easily you can hit another preset and play rock or Latin style. A nice feature is that the player can create his own sound and save up to nine of them on the kit.

Other features that a regular drum set does not have is a metronome that will help keep a steady beat. This set takes minutes to set up as opposed to the detail set up of an acoustic set that will not have as many sounds. It also has the ability to just be plugged in and with no mess or fuss, you can start playing right away. You do not have to screw on a multitude of pieces nor do you have to tune cymbals or drums. They are already done for you the minute you plug it in. All the wires are incorporated into a snake with color coded connectors so you don’t have wires running all over the place.

You can connect a CD player to the system so you can play along and you can also connect a computer in through the midi. If the rest of the household doesn’t want to hear all the practicing you can plug in earphones and only the player can hear the great musicality of this set. The LED display is small but easily read even in the dark.

Another great thing about this electronic drum kit is that it doesn’t matter how hard you hit the heads, you can adjust the level of the sound that comes out. Most often when you have to play soft on acoustic drums the rhythm suffers because you can’t hit the heads as hard. You can hit them as hard as you want and just turn down the volume and the rhythm doesn’t ever have to suffer with the Yamaha DTXplorer.

Included in the set is a snare pad, bass drum with a tower pad and foot pedal, three tom pads, and hi-hat pad and controller. It comes with a ribbed Aluminum rack and it folds easily for storage or to carry from place to place. It is perfect in the school situation for both teaching the elements of percussion and for performance. A regular drum set with all the capabilities of these five pieces set would cost a fortune but the DTXplorer is extremely affordable.

The Yamaha Dtxplorer is a great kit to use in concert or as personal practice. It is a great set to learn or teach on and many musicians who have purchased this kit rave about it. There is so much you can do with it, it is compact and easy to set up, and it has so many features it will keep even a seasoned player busy for years to come.

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