Yamaha Utility ATV Range 2009 – Grizzly 700 EPS ATV Utility Vehicle

The 2009 Yamaha Grizzly 700 EPS

As far as 2008 was concerned the Grizzly did pretty well against it’s competition. The big question was would the 2009 model see people with their begging bowls out looking to change? As nice as last years model equivalent was, the 09 Grizzly 700 EPS does growl more that it’s bite!

So is it a case of “Bigger is Better?

“The 09 Grizzly – Undressed – Just because the NEW 700 Grizzly is the lightest in it’s class did it mean that they down tuned the horses to release more of the beast? Yamaha seem to think not and they have a big belief that it has made the handling far better than ever before. It seems hard to get to grips with that idea – throw a paper aeroplane into the wind and it gets beaten heavily – reduce the weight of an ATV so when you throw it at some big sticks it handles better – i’ll take a back stand on that one and let the money talk.

So what’s this EPS system really like? I was lucky enough a few years ago to test drive a new model Vauxhall that had EPS and the only fault I found was at night time when you had the full disco and light show going, that extra strain on the battery for the EPS system made a significant difference on the horses pulling the chariot. Is this why they have made the Grizzly even lighter?

Sliding away from one gizmo to another – the on command 3-mode drive system seems to be the winning point here, the drive ability is far smoother than ever before – the 4 stroke engine does seem to react well and give a very smooth delivery right through the range. Do they have the rights to say “This is arguably the ULTIMATE utility ATV power source?” Sorry to say this – but they have!

What a great way to bring the Sushi home for the kids tea!

With a huge list of colours – GREEN – BLACK – BLUE – RED – CAMO which one would you aim for?

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