Yamaha YPG-635 Review

Also known as the “portable grand” piano, the Yamaha YPG-635 is the perfect solution for those seeking the real feel, action, and sound of a quality piano in a portable keyboard. You can bring the sounds of a real grand piano practically anywhere – 88 keys of weighted, graded hammer-action.

This is a trusted keyboard, having been in the top 10 best selling keyboards on Amazon in 2010. So far in 2011, it is still a top seller, and still redefining the kind of picture families will have for the instrument they keep in their living rooms.

Aside from simulating a grand piano, this keyboard excels as an educational tool. It comes packaged with the “Yamaha Education Suite” that included 100 songs – 30 built-in and 70 more on an included CD-ROM. These are easy to start playing along with and learning. The songs are divided in different parts for the right and left hand. The system will intellectually monitor your progress and you learn through the chord dictionary and conquer three lessons for each hand in each song.

Recording is fast and easy; a 6-track sequencer is built into the keyboard’s system. The sequencer basically functions as a real multi-track recorder in the system. Recording your sessions is as simple as a button-click. This keyboard is also compatible easily with digital audio workstations like Garageband, Logic, etc. for more advanced recording.

“Full Keyboard Mode” may be the coolest feature of this keyboard. This mode enables the keys of the keyboard to function exactly like a piano. As many of you may know, it is usually necessary to play chords on the left and melodies on the right of a keyboard. However, this Full Keyboard Mode feature nullifies this and enabled you to freely play notes across all keys like a real piano. When this is used with the accompaniment feature, the chords you play will be followed by the virtual band. This is a remarkable feature, and really caps off the Yamaha YPG-635’s ability to imitate a real grand piano.

One tiny drawback – the speakers on the keyboard can’t put out an extremely loud volume. This is a general downside, but can be easily fixed if need be. And, after all, you would only need to remedy this if you plan to use this keyboard live in a performance, or together with other loud instruments in a rehearsal. However, if this is your case, an amplifier will be required. However, if you plan to just use this keyboard in the house casually, you should have no problems.

All in all, this really is an EXCELLENT keyboard. It’s greatest strength is its ability to essentially perfectly replace a piano and act, sound, and feel just like one. When this is considered alongside its smart education system and its pre-programmed multi-track recorder, the YPG-635 is truly a very powerful instrument for the paid price.

So, to recap, let’s look at the major pros and cons…


Real feel and sound of a grand piano in compact, affordable form.

Education suite with lessons, 100 songs, individual hand training, and smart progress tracking.

Simple, built-in multi-track recording system AND ability to function with Logic, Garageband, etc. for advanced recordings.


Built-in volume on speakers can not reach extremely loud levels. Amplifier may be required for performance or loud rehearsal setting.

Fairly straightforward sound’ not exactly for those seeking psychedelic effects or sounds.

So! If you happen to be seeking a stable keyboard that can sound and feel like a real piano, excels at teaching, and is quite affordable, the Yamaha YPG-635 may be just what you need.

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